2020 - 2022

You'll find what our guests recommend in terms of popular and memorable experience in the San Gabriel Valley.

Garvey Ranch Park

Mark Keppel High School

Pasadena Civic Auditorium

Colorado Blvd

Comics vs. Toys (Eagle Rock)

Perle Restaurant

Cascades Fountain

Edison Trail Monterey Park

East Los Angeles College

Monterey Park Dim Sum

Sushi Nagata

Don Bosco Tech


Playing Golf

Downtown Monrovia

SGV Architecture

The Rose Bowl

In-n-Out Burger on Walnut

Parents House

The Arboretum / Santa Anita Mall

SGV Origins Myth

Harvey Mudd College, Caltech

Harvey Mudd College, Caltech

Roads of SGV

Max’s Restaurant

Live Oak Park

Almansor Park

Santa Anita Mall

Almansor Park

Green Zone

The Rose Bowl

Burke Williams Day Spa

Space Bar Wellness

Tia’s Glady’s Restaurant

Street Festivals and Vendors

First Avenue Basketball Courts

Home in Pasadena

Top Tracer Golf (Glendora)

85 Degrees Bakery

SGV Hikes

Huntington Gardens

The Arboretum

Monrovia Night Market

Duarte Farmers Market

SGV Mountains

Cooks Torta’s

Los Mulcahetes

Hiking Trails

The Arboretum

Eaton Blanche Park

His Driveway

Baby Bros in El Monte

Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant

Taco Villa

The Arroyo Seco

The Arboretum

The Emerald Necklace

Echo Mt and Inspiration Point

Huntington Hospital

The Huntington Gardens

Quenn Anne’s Cottage

Corner of Mariposa and Santa Rosa

Adam’s Pack Station

Huntington Library and Gardens Desert

Tokyo Lobby

Blvd Mrkt

Caramelo Café

Pho Ha





His Home 1913 Craftsman

Huntington Hotel

San Gabriel Mountains-Hang Gliding

Art & Architecture

SGV Artists


Azusa Pacific University-Dale Wallace

Old Spaghetti Factory

Route 66

Lower Arroyo Hiking Trails

The Whistle Stop

Pasadena Rotating Art

The Pink House on Chapel

San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce

University of the West

The Rose Bowl

Monterey Park

SGV Streets and Neighborhoods




The Table Hike

Pasadena Cultural Center/Buddhist Temple

Pasadena Rose Parade

The Rose Bowl

All India Café

Mt.Wilson Trail

Rose Bowl Aquatic Center Senior Aquatics

San Rafael District-Laguna Road

San Gabriel Mountains Mt.Lowe Railway

Lee’s Hogie House

Sandy Rosco

Bicycling in Pasadena

Huntington Gardens

Parkway Grill/Arroyo Chop House

Huy Fong Foods

Panda Express

Sam Woo BBWQ

The Lower Arroyo


Ambrose Coffee Shop

The Ahlers Home

Ambassador Auditorium-Hrock Church

SGV Hikes

Pasadena Playhouse

The Arboretum

Tommy’s Burger

Mandarin Deli

SGV Block growing up

Russell’s House

Mountains and Trails

SGV Community

Community activities

Sityotong Muy Thai

Asian Youth Center

Gabriolino High School

Alhambra Summer Jubilee

SGV Dim Sum-NBC, Capital Seafood

Candlelight Pavillion in Claremont

La Tuteca in Azusa

Pomona Valley Mining Company




Arroyo Seco

Osawa Restaurant, Emerson Royce Wine Shop

Peck Road Water Conservation

JPL Hiking Trails