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Jennifer & Jasmine

Episode 085

From a Difficult Childhood to Homeless, and now Starting a Boutique

Jennifer and Jasmine started their own clothing boutique for women of all sizes in late 2021. They believe all women are beautiful and that fashion is an expression and celebration of one’s personal style. When you look good you feel good.

The name, Jentle Femme, came about by 2 cousin-sisters with individual styles that come together. They dropped the “g” from the word gentle and added the “J” for their names (Jasmin + Jenn).

At Jentle Femme, Jenn and Jasmin we truly enjoy helping women pick out an outfit or accessory that makes them feel beautiful and confident.

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Jennifer & Jasmine Quotes

  • “If I ever started a boutique, it would have to have a purpose bigger than me.”
  • “I got to see first hand these women dress up and really transform before my eyes to feel confident about going to the work for e and looking for jobs.”
  • “It humbled me and to learn how to ask for things when I need it before things get to disaster.”
  • Jennifer and Jasmine are cousins. 
  • They work together on this project after years of separation
  • Jennifer was on the street with her husband and children on the street in their youth
  • Jasmine had to handle her parent’s martial issues in her teens and act as a parent
  • They both have connections to clothing, escape, and manifestation. 
  • Their constant goal with this project is to put women forward with their clothing.


Russell has a strong connection to the guests on today’s show because he has had family members experience homelessness before. Scott also feels that connection seeing someone he knew from his past on the street. Both Scott and Russell know that homelessness is a serious issue in this country, and the guests on today’s show tackle that head-on. 

Jennifer and Jasmine run a few gently used women’s clothing lines. 

What is your connection to the San Gabriel Valley?

Jennifer has been around the Valley from a young age. She would ride the avocado heights trail on horseback and attend city industry annual management course events.

Jennifer just loves the area and continues to bring her children here to explore and experience the valley.

Jasmine’s connection is that from 8 to 18, she lived and grew up in Bassett, and she graduated from Bassett high school.


What is it that you do?

In July of 2021 they launched an online boutique that tries to cater to most sizes for women. Their goal is to empower women by giving them a way to feel good about themselves.

It’s not the most common thing for online women’s stores to have that size inclusivity. That’s what they thought the market was missing: that women needed more choices.

How did the business come about?

Both Jennifer and Jasmine have always loved playing with clothes.

Jennifer was out of work because of Covid, and then Jennifer asked Jasmine to come and help.

Something else that really inspired the business was this fashion show that Jennifer attended that was for homeless women.

Different stylists donated clothes to women in need, and Jennifer got to do the make-up for the women in the show. She got to see firsthand the transformation the woman went through.

How would you describe the single most important purpose of your business?

The value of the business is empowering women in feeling good about themselves.

When Jennifer got to go to that fashion show, she was working as a sales executive. She was working in skin care.

After all the sales dried up because of Clovis, Jennifer moved on to other things.

What does Jasmine do?

Jasmine wanted to start a children’s boutique, but it was a bit much to do alone.

Jennifer and Jasmine were kind of estranged cousins because of divorce and moving.

Jasmine works on marketing and the tech behind the boutique.

The online Boutique is basically where the designs help women make outfits from the clothes online. They’ve learned a lot because this is all new to them, so they need to learn fast.

This is also their side job. They are also full-time moms as well. They have both committed to this passion project.

Thankfully the platforms they’ve been using have been really user-friendly. They also have been partnering with women-run businesses, and that support has been helpful.

What was that difficult time in your life?

Jennifer had a point in her life when she experienced homelessness. Thankfully for her, it was not a chronic condition in-like thousands. After she entered a homeless shelter, she got help.

It was a mix of mental health and youth. There were several factors involved, and they just moved to California with 800 dollars.

After they spent time at the shelter, one of Jennifer’s cousins helped her get an apartment with a small loan. After that help up, they were good.

Pain is not a thing to compare. Both Jennifer and Jasmine have had hard times. Though they were different, they were both very valid and led to their partnership.

One goal for Jennifer and Jasmine is to have the ship fully online and to start to come to events like farmer’s markets and do live events and places where they can do these experiences.


Picture of Jennifer & Jasmine

Jennifer & Jasmine

Jennifer: Avocado heights riding trails

Jasmine: Chris’s burger 

Jennifer: City of the industry expo center

Jasmine: Pho Ha in the City of Industry

Jennifer: Caramela Cafe

Jasmine: Boiling Crab