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Brian Fuller

Episode 063

IT Guy Out & About in Nature

Born in Pasadena, California, Brian Fuller has called the San Gabriel Valley home for most of his life.  An IT professional working for MSP, Impact Networking, Brian is employed as a vCIO for their client, Warmuth Law.  Information technology has been a career choice for him for over twenty years since graduating from USC with a B.S. in Business Administration.  Beyond the walls of academia and commerce, he enjoys the outdoors that bless the San Gabriel Valley area.  If not hiking in the hills of the Angeles National Forest above his childhood hometown of Altadena, he may be enjoying the manicured gardens of the Huntington Library in San Marino, Descanso Gardens in La Canada, and the Arboretum in Arcadia.  A fan of all things Pasadena, he is a volunteer known as a white suit with the Tournament of Roses that holds the New Year’s Day Parade and the famous Rose Bowl.  Seeking to accomplish a significant feat every year, Brian is currently completing his master’s thesis in Geographic Information Science at his alma mater, USC.


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Brian Fuller Takeaways

  • Brian grew up in the SGV and has always loved it
  • Brian kind of fell into it
  • Brian is a big fan of trying new things and making memories 
  • Brian went to the University of Southern California 
  • Brian has been scuba diving, loves to ballroom dance, and has even ran for office
  • Scott and Russell sit down with some from the San Gabriel Valley who found a way into IT and made that work for him. Brian joins Russell and Scott on episode 63 of the SGV Master Key podcast.
  • “My talents with IT and giving assistance that is what gives me joy; to help people out.” 

Collection of grey scuba diving air oxygen tanks waiting lined up.

What is your connection to the SGV?

Brian was born in Pasadena at Huntington Memorial and has lived in the area his whole life. He grew up here and went to private schools in Pasadena as well because Pasadena is known as a private school area.

Brian’s parents still live in Altadena, and he visits them weekly.

The high school, Waconia, Brian went to has a connection for the jet propulsion lab is a NASA and CalTech-run facility.

What did you enjoy doing in the SGV when you were growing up?

The mountains. Brian enjoyed hiking the San Merrill trail mountains. Brian also likes Huntington Gardens.

Brian was never the picture of an IT person, and he loves the outdoors as well as the future of technology.

Have you ever left for an extended period of time?

Brian has been in California for his whole life, but in 2014, he did have the opportunity to spend some time in west LA, and that is much different than the San Gabriel Valley.

He was there for 2-3 years, but he’s been working his way back to Pasadena because he loves it so much.

You’re a Trojan?

Brian graduated from the University of Southern California in 1999 with his BA in business administration and a focus on information systems.

The high school Brian went to was kind of a family legacy. His grandfather, brother, and uncles all went there too.

He even learned some of his family’s history from the old yearbooks at the school.

He learned that his strait-laced lawyer uncle used to be the drama party boy.

When Brian was working for his father, he realized he needed to get his career together and started in IT, and after some time, he worked as an IT person setting up celebrity computer systems.

Brian found that he liked to help, especially in his wheelhouse with IT.

Brian is not afraid to try new things. He always tries to make a point to have a new experience every year and have something to look back on from the year.

Whether that be hall room dance, scuba diving, or even running for office.

Brian married his wife 5 years ago. He randomly asked her out to see a movie, and from there, they became inseparable. She really enjoyed his spontaneity.

Brian brought his Parade of Roses hat. He has volunteered since 2012 and has been part of the parade since then. He is very proud to be part of such a historic part of the area.

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Brian Fuller

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