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As an early adopter of modernity, San Dimas has now become renowned for its quaint evocation of early 20th-century small-town

Like many surrounding neighborhoods, the growth of Los Angeles-proper and the expansion of corresponding freeways resulted in a transition to

Azusa is one of the region’s most solidly middle-class suburbs.

The city is named after Louis Leonard Bradbury. Bradbury is broken up into three areas – the gated community, Bradbury

The city of Glendora is in the foothills of the Sam Gabriel Mountains. The area is known as the Pride

Whittier sits in the San Gabriel Valley and is a gem of social, economic, and cultural achievements. It strives to

Like most of the San Gabriel Valley, West Covina offers tons of food, shopping, and entertainment options. Not to mention

Leading up to the 21st century, Temple City’s population shifted to a more multicultural makeup, with an Asian majority— as

Leading up to the 21st century, San Marino has become a suburban enclave for the moderately wealthy and successful, which

Rowland Heights is one of the largest hubs of Chinese and Taiwanese Americans within Los Angeles County. Nearly 60% of

As with many of the surrounding towns, the most recent decades have seen an exponential growth of Asian American residents

The city of La Puente’s name comes from the Spanish word for bridges and stems from the fact that the

Irwindale is developing and working closely with its neighbors to emphasize diversity and cooperation.

As the town became increasingly suburbanized, Hacienda Heights’ population makeup transformed into a unique split of Caucasian, Asian, and Latine

In modern times, Duarte is known as focused on retail development and has been listed in Forbes as one of

The city of Covina is the sister city to Xalapa, Mexico, and has a giant Olmec head replica in front

The most recently available census data shows that over 3/4ths of Baldwin Park residents identify as Hispanic/Latino, the remaining 1/4th