You'll find what our guests recommend in terms of popular and memorable experience in the San Gabriel Valley.

The Arboretum

Hiking Trails

SGV Food Scene

The Station

Alhambra Golf Course

Blossom Market Hall

Grapevine Arbor

Pulciano’s Deli

Chambers of Commerce

El Pavo’s Bakery

Lucha’s Comfort Footwear

San Gabriel Civic Auditorium

Tournament of Roses House

The Derby Restaurant

Santa Fe Dam

Pasadena City College

San Gabriel Valley Chamber of Commerce

Julienne Fine Foods

Homestate Tex Mex

Monterey Park Observatory

Monterey Park Restaurants

Copa Vida Coffee

Lee’s Hogie House

The Rose Bowl

Childhood Home

San Gabriel Mountains

SGV Churches

Skate Junction

San Gabriel Mountains

Oceans Restaurant

Zephyr Mediterranean Grill & Café

Sarkis Pastry

Mission Wine & Spirits

The Rose Bowl

The Arroyo Seco

Cos & Pi

Old Town Monrovia

U2 Café & BBQ

Mt. Lowe Railway

College Street Arcadia

Fiore Market Café

San Gabriel Mountains

Cookies and Cream

Mama Lu’s Dumpling House

Skateshop Pizza

BLVD MRKT & Angry Horse

Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park

Whittier Narrows BMX Racetrack

Mom’s House

King Taco

Monterey Vista Elementary School

Barnes Park

Mark Keppel High School

Boba Shops

Rolling Wok

Kang Kang Food Court

Focus Plaza

Huntington Gardens

The Arroyo Seco

The Arboretum

SGV Mountain Bike Riding

The Rose Bowl

Rose Parade

Cascades Park (Monterey Park)

Whittier Narrows

Old Town Monrovia

Barnes Park Pool

El Jato Ceviche

Hawaii Supermarket

Chinese Movie Theaters

Quan Ngon Nha Trang

Friendship Park

Bridge to Nowhere Hike


Downtown Arcadia


SGV Mountains

Lower Arroyo Seco hike

Starbucks on Main & 1st in Alhambra

Monrovia Street Fair

Valley Blvd


San Gabriel Mission Playhouse

Friends of the Crowell Library

Pasadena Showcase House of Design

L.A. Regional Food Bank

The Arboretum

The Rose Bowl

The Ice House Comedy Club

Edwards Cinema Temple City

Arcadia High School

Casey’s Barber Shop

Tozai Japanese Market

NBC Dim Sum

Ravello Osteria

Harmony Spa in Monterey Park

Barnes Park

Electric Park in Monterey Park

Blossom Market

The Arboretum / Huntington Gardens

Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas

SGV Mountains

Cal State Los Angeles

Sam Woo BBQ on 6th and Valley

NYC Jumbo Seafood

Asian Pacific Family Center


Apartment on Garvey Ave

Cal Tech Turtle Ponds

Defenders Parkway

Pepper Street in Pasadena

St. Joseph’s Retreat Center

Whittier Narrows Nature Center

88 Steps

Bubble Puff and Tea

QQ Kopitiam

People of SGV

Parks, Open Space, Mountains in the SGV

The Emerald Necklace

The Arboretum / The Huntington Libary

Los California Tacos

Yama Seafood

Arroyo Seco Park

Rubio Canyon

Santa Anita Clubhouse