Our origin story: where it all began ...

The origins of the MySGV Podcast go back over a decade, when Scott and Russell first met at the L.A. Fitness in Arcadia. Scott was working out and experiencing some shoulder pain. Steven, Scott’s trainer at the time, asked Russell if he could take a look at his shoulder. Russell used his training in manual therapy to work on Scott’s shoulder and bring him some immediate relief. Scott moved from L.A. Fitness to working out at Matador Performance Center in Pasadena where he eventually started working with Russell.


Their training relationship spanned over 9 years and Scott was working with Russell as he experienced some of the most trying times in his life. That time gave both Scott and Russell a deeper insight into each others character. In addition to their 1-on-1 basketball battles, they also enjoyed taking on an extremely challenging hike at the top of Lake Avenue in Pasadena. The hike is a short 0.69 miles with an elevation gain of 1,114 ft. They enjoy the challenge of the hike so much that they’ve gone up over 300 times together since they first started.


The turning point arrived in March 2020 when the world was swept into the whirlwind of a global pandemic. Russell’s livelihood was abruptly disrupted, forcing him to reevaluate and adapt. A ray of hope emerged when he enrolled in an online course called “Smart From Scratch,” taught by Pat Flynn. As part of the course, Russell was asked to seek insight from those who knew him best, probing for his unique “superpower.” The answer was his remarkable ability to facilitate tough conversations with grace and ease.


This revelation set Russell on a quest to identify where he could channel this skill for the greater good. Years of candid dialogues with Scott had unveiled the attorney’s weariness in maintaining social obligations that came with his law firm’s community connections, a commitment spanning over three decades. A desire for change was brewing within Scott, and Russell started to envision a way to bring the community to him, allowing them to see him not just as an attorney but as a fellow human being.


Scott, an avid storyteller at heart, had a passion for capturing the intricate threads of people’s lives that wove the tapestry of the larger narrative. The idea took shape: what if they could harness Scott’s storytelling prowess to help him stay connected to the community? What if they could spotlight Russell’s “superpower” by revealing the human side of Scott? Thus, the seed of the San Gabriel Valley podcast was sown.


In the summer of 2020, the concept took root, and by October of the same year, Scott and Russell recorded their inaugural episode. Since then, they’ve released over 125 shows, each a vibrant tapestry of diverse guests sharing their stories. Their warmth and insatiable curiosity shine through in every episode, as they effortlessly draw out the human-interest narratives that make each guest unique.


It is an honor for Scott and Russell to document and share the stories of the remarkable people of the San Gabriel Valley, not only with their fellow SGV’ers but also with the nation and the world. Join them on this heartwarming journey of discovery, as they celebrate the diversity of humanity in the SGV. Together, let’s explore the stories that make this community a vibrant and interconnected place.