The city of West Covina, California, CA

About West Covina, California


The history of West Covina, CA follows the history of Covina, that of being part of a Rancho purchased from the Puente Rancho by John Edward Hollenbeck in 1842 until the areas split in 1923. 

The split came when West Covina wanted to stop Covina from building a sewage farm in the area. 

Because of the incorporation of West Covina, the area produced fruit and nuts long into the 1900s. After West Covina stopped farming, it became one of the fastest-expanding cities in America. 

Decades later, the city of West Covina still produces beautiful citrus fruit and walnuts for the world. 



Age and Household Statistics in West Covina

Male Population: 51,374

Female Population: 54,434

West Covina Population: 105,808

Median Age: 38.5

Under 5 years old: approx. 5.3%

Under 18 years old: approx. 20.2%

Residents 65 or older: approx. 16.5%

Total Households: 30,855

Average People Per Household: 3

Marital Status Statistics

Never Married: 32,582

Married: 41,750

Separated: 1,463

Widowed: 5,715

Divorced: 7,088

Racial Statistics (percentages) in West Covina

White: 28.6%

Black or African American: 4.7%

American Indian/Native American: 1.1%

Asian: 29.9%

Two or More Races: 10.6%

Hispanic or Latino: 52.6%

Income Statistics in West Covina

Average Household Income: $101,927

Median Household Income: $85,626

People below Poverty Level: 9,248

Blue Collar Positions: 10,269

White Collar Positions: 42,053

Education Level in West Covina

No High School: 5,611

Some High School: 28,127

Some College: 21,574

Associate Degree: 7,110

Bachelor’s Degree: 17,449

Graduate Degree: 6,495


American Beauty College

Address: 652 South Sunset Ave, West Covina, CA 91790

Phone: 626-472-7402

North-West College

Address: W Garvey Ave, West Covina, CA 91790

Phone: 626-960-5046

Salon Success Academy

Address: 112 Plaza Drive Suite 166, West Covina, CA 91790

Phone: 909-982-4200

United Education Institute

Address: 339 N. Azusa Ave, West Covina, CA 91731

Phone: 626-927-9000

InterCoast Colleges

Address: 2235 East Garvey Ave, North, West Covina, CA 91791

Phone: 626-337-6800

Points of Interest

The Plaza at West Covina

Located at 112 Plaza Dr, West Covina, CA 91790, the mall has over 200 shops, high-end boutiques, and restaurants. The mall has two levels and has major stores like Macy’s, JC Penney, Sears, Best Buy, and the XXI Forever flagship store.


The Heights at West Covina

Located at 2260 S Azusa Ave, West Covina, CA 91792, this 340,000-square-foot shopping center is anchored by Home Depot and Target and has a number of stores and restaurants.


Eastland Center

Located at 2753 E Eastland Center Dr, West Covina, CA 91791, this two-level shopping center has a number of department stores like PetSmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Burlington Coat Factory; Walmart and Target are two of the other major stores for Eastland Center.


West Covina Sportsplex

Located at 2100 S Azusa Ave, West Covina, CA 91792, and opened in 2007, this 315-acre commercial and recreational center has a sports park, commercial development, and public golf course.

Notable People


  • Robert Buckley- Actor 
  • Nia Peeples – Actress 
  • Tim Robbins- Actor and director 


  • Joan Jett – Rock star
  • Mr. Capone-E – Chicano rappeur
  • Larry Hernández – Mexican-American singer
  • Greg Camp – Songwriter
  • Nad Sylvan – Swedish progressive rock musician and songwriter


  • Dan Haren – Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Rick Aguilera – Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Troy Aikman – National Football League quarterback and broadcaster 
  • Tom Brunansky – Major League Baseball outfielder and coach
  • Jeff Cox- Major League Baseball player 
  • Joey Eischen – Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Carlos Fisher – Baseball pitcher
  • Jeremy Giambi – Major League Baseball outfielder
  • Jason Giambi – Major League Baseball first baseman
  • Jonathan Gibson – Basketball Association basketball player
  • Jay Johnstone – Major League Baseball outfielder
  • Mike Lamb – Major League Baseball infielder 
  • Cory Lidle -Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Jim Merritt – could Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Mike Powell – World record-breaking long jumper
  • Jo-Jo Reyes- MLB Player 
  • Ron Roenicke – Major League Baseball pitcher and manager 
  • Aaron Small – Major League Baseball pitcher 
  • Brian Stewart – defensive backs coach at the University of Nebraska
  • Bill Stoneman – Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Gabe York – basketball player 
  • Ernesto Escobedo – Professional tennis player
  • Gary Roenicke – Major League Baseball outfielder


  • Mystery novelist- Lee Charles Kelley
  • Brigitte Secard -Author 


  • Keith Parkinson – Artist


  • Jackie Beat – Drag queen 
  • Electronic Dance Music-  producer and DJ
  • Scheana Shay – Television personality

Fun Facts

  • In 1923 West Covina became an independent city to stop Covina from building a sewage farm in the area.
  • After World War II, the city saw unprecedented growth.
  • The area was known for walnut and orange groves.
  • There have been a number of films and shows that were filmed in West Covina.
    • Boogie Nights (1997)
    • Good Burger (1997)
    • Encore! (2019 – 2020)
    • Wayne’s World (1992)
    • Frailty (2001)


Is West Covina a nice place to live?

Lots of food, entertainment, shopping, and outdoor activities. The moderate city council ensures that the local government is adequately funded. The school district is highly competitive and expanding, and crime is low compared to the nearby cities. In general, West Covina is a secure place to bring up a family.

What is West Covina known for?

In terms of pop culture, the San Gabriel Valley and West Covina serve as the series’ backdrops in the American drama Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

How far is West Covina from the beach?

The distance between West Covina and Long Beach is 41 kilometers (25 miles).

How far is West Covina from Disney?

The distance between West Covina and Disneyland Park is 17.93 miles.

What is the minimum wage in West Covina, CA?

Effective January 1, 2023, the minimum wage is $15.50 per hour for all employers.