Duarte, California

About Duarte, California

In modern times, Duarte is known as focused on retail development and has been listed in Forbes as one of America’s most expensive zip codes.


There is a small city called Duarte, CA, located on the foothills of the surrounding mountains. The native Tomgva people first inhabited it. In the 1700s, the Spanish colonized the area and set up a mission in the San Gabriel Valley. 

Roughly a century later, the area was now controlled by the Mexican government and was parceled out to Mexican corporal Andrés Avelino Duarte. 

After the Mexican-American war, Corporal Duarte sold portions of his land to ease his debts. The people he sold his land to start building the foundations of a city, such as water lines, schools, and a post office. 

In the 1930s, Duarte was known for its medical advancements. 


source: US Census data


Notable People


  • Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, actor



  • Glenn Miller, jazz musician



  • Donna Adamek, professional bowler
  • Hardiman Cureton, football player
  • Carlos Fisher, pitcher
  • Garrett K. Gomez, thoroughbred jockey
  • Bill Melton, professional baseball player
  • William A. Spinks – carom billiards player



  • Sam Shepard, playwright, writer, and actor



  • Margaret Finlay, former mayor
  • Lois Gaston, the first African-American mayor of Duarte



  • Andrew Cherng and Peggy Cherng, founders of Panda Express

Points of Interest

City of Hope National Medical Center

Located at 1500 E Duarte Rd, Duarte, CA 91010, they are regarded as a leader in the fight against cancer and other diseases.

Rancho Duarte Golf Course

Located at 1000 Las Lomas Rd, Duarte, CA 91010. This 9-hole golf course has a challenging layout and yet has a bucolic setting that allows golfers to enjoy the outdoors.

Route 66

Visitors can still see remnants of what used to be America’s Main Street at a few of the motor courts on Huntington Drive.

Duarte Historical Museum

Located at 777 Encanto Pkwy, Duarte, CA 91010. The museum highlights the history of the city of Duarte with exhibits and displays.

Justice Brothers Racing Museum

Located at 2734 E Huntington Dr, Duarte, CA 91010. The museum has a collection of vintage gasoline pumps, motorcycles, automobilia, gasoline pump globe collection, and a collection of toy cars.

Fun Facts

  • The city is located on the historic route 66.
  • The city is named after the ranchero who founded the community, Andres Duarte.
  • The first known avocado tree planted in California was in Duarte.
  • There have been a number of films and shows shot in Duarte.
    • Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)
    • The Craft (1996)
    • South Of Nowhere (2005-2008)
    • Ghoulies IV (1994)
    • Descendant (2003)


Is Duarte a nice place to live?

Duarte’s community is great for families and has lots of great places to eat, hang out, walk, and live. On the north side of the city, a cycle route offers enjoyable and convenient opportunities for running, walking, bicycling, hiking, and other activities. The local schools are great and continue to improve in small ways.

What is Duarte known for?

On 40 acres of land south of Duarte Road, the Jewish Relief Association built a tuberculosis sanitarium in 1913. Later on, this developed into the renowned City of Hope Medical Center, a pioneer in the fight against cancer and other grave illnesses.

How do you pronounce Duarte California?

It is pronounced like “Dw-ar-tei”

Is Duarte in LA County?

Yes, Duarte is in Los Angeles County.

Is Duarte expensive?

Housing costs in Duarte are 111% more expensive than the national average, and utility costs are 10% more expensive. Gas prices and transportation costs, such as bus fares, are 27% higher than the national average. Grocery costs in Duarte are 11% more expensive than those nationwide.