Montebello, California

About Montebello, California

Montebello is a wonderful place to live. Other than being relatively close drive to the Ocean and LA, there are nearby attractions which include a lot of parks, jogging, and bicycling trails.


Montebello, California, like most of America, was originally inhabited by a Native American tribe, in this instance, one called the Tongva. They were considered the most prominent of the region’s Uto-Aztecan indigenous tribes and often controlled and dominated trade amidst neighboring factions. Their settlements were mostly along the coastline of Los Angeles County, northwest Orange County, and surrounding islands.

When the Spanish came to this area in 1771, they established the San Gabriel Mission. Native Americans were converted and helped the Spanish by providing labor. The land was hearty, and many orchards provided for the Spanish crown until 1833, when California fell into Mexico’s control and gave the San Gabriel Mission land to individuals. 

In 1850, California became a state in the Union.

Together, Harris Newmark & Kaspare Cohn (Newmark’s uncle) bought 2,000 acres from the brother of Alessandro Repetto following the Italian immigrant’s death. A grand majority of these 2,000 acres came to form city land.

Newmark and Cohn set about turning Montebello into farming plots. Originally, the community was named Newmark but on the advice of William Mulholland, the moniker Montebello was adopted instead in 1920.

The small farming plots grew into a booming agricultural economy for early Montebello, with the city becoming especially renowned for its expansive fruit and flowers. Many were harvested by Japanese immigrants, although they were largely displaced via internment during World War II.

Another booming industry that developed was oil, discovered in Montebello in 1917. In the following decades, oil wells began to dominate the town’s landscape and usurped agriculture as the foremost local export.

Leading up to the 21st century, Montebello’s population makeup shifted from an Asian majority to a Hispanic one, as of the most recently available census data, nearly 80% of citizens identify as people of Latine descent. As a result, this demographic has been a vital and vibrant face of local cultures and businesses.




Points of Interest

Montebello Municipal Golf Course

Located at 901 Via San Clemente, Montebello, CA 90640, the Municipal Golf Course sits on 120 acres and offers residents and tourists a golf experience at one of the top golf courses in Southern California. It has an 18-hole championship golf course with three beautiful lakes.

Montebello Historical Society and the Adobe Museum

Located at 946 N Adobe Ave, Montebello, CA 90640, The historical society and Adobe Museum is open 12 pm – 3 pm every Saturday. The adobe showcases the mid-1800s architecture and artifacts from Juan Matias Sanchez and his family.

Montebello Barnyard Zoo

Located at 600 Rea Dr, Montebello, CA 90640, in Grant Rea Park, the petting zoo offers visitors a chance to interact with friendly animals, many of who are rescues. 

Dinos Alive

Located at 1345 N. Montebello Boulevard, Montebello, California, offers families a chance to view 80 life-sized replicas of some of their favorite dinosaurs. It even provides an interactive area for children called “Budding Experts,” where they can be a paleontologist!

The Shops at Montebello

Located at 2134 Montebello Town Center, Montebello, CA 90640, the Shops offer retail therapy for everyone in the family. Shops like 3 Men’s Suits, Club 25, The Baby Shop, The Children’s Place, and Champs Sports will have your family looking fly while you grab dinner at Hikari Sushi Bar or one of their many restaurants.

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Fun Facts

  • Montebello was originally an agricultural community. It was known for its prolific production of flowers, berries, fruits, and vegetables.
  • The city is also home to the Montebello Art Walk, an annual event showcasing local artists and musicians.
  • Montebello in Italian means “beautiful mountain.”
  • In the first part of the 20th Century, the city was known for its oil reserves.
  • The Montebello Unified School District (MUSD) is one of the largest districts in LA County, serving over 35,000 K-12 students and over 30,000 adults through their adult education program.
  • The beauty of Montebello has made it a hot spot for the filming of many movies and TV shows. 
    • Sideways (2004)
    • Honky Tonk Freeway (1981)
    • The Hot Chick (2002)
    • Twin Peaks (2017)


Is Montebello, California a good place to live?

Montebello is a wonderful place to live. Other than being relatively close drive to the Ocean and LA, there are nearby attractions which include a lot of parks, jogging, and bicycling trails.

Is Montebello a rich city?

15.4% of the population lived below the federal poverty level in Montebello, which had a median family income of $47,488 as of the 2010 United States Census.

Is Montebello considered East LA?

East Los Angeles is situated approximately east of the Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights, south of the neighborhood of El Sereno, north of Commerce, and west of the towns of Monterey Park and Montebello.

How much is tax in Montebello?

The minimum combined 2023 sales tax rate for Montebello, California, is 10.25%. This is the total of state, county, and city sales tax rates.

How far is Montebello from the beach?

From Montebello to Venice Beach, it takes 21 kilometers. The distance to travel is about 23.9 miles.