The city of San Marino, California, CA

About San Marino, California


Several notable individuals were involved in the founding of what would become San Marino, including prominent local landowner Don Benito Wilson, who bequeathed 500 acres to his son-in-law James DeBarth Shorb, who christened the land San Marino after his grandfather’s Maryland plantation.

The small farming plots grew into a booming agricultural economy for early San Marino, with the city becoming especially renowned for its expansive fruits and crops.

Leading up to the 21st century, San Marino has become a suburban enclave for the moderately wealthy and successful, which has led the demographic makeup to skew more Caucasian than many of its surrounding municipal neighbors.



Age and Household Statistics in San Marino

Male Population: 6,619

Female Population: 6,401

San Marino Population: 13,020

Median Age: 45.4

Under 5 years old: approx. 5.4%

Under 18 years old: approx. 22.8%

Residents 65 or older: approx. 20.4%

Total Households: 4,026

Average People Per Household: 3

Marital Status Statistics

Never Married: 2,795

Married: 6,994

Separated: 16

Widowed: 609

Divorced: 338

Racial Statistics (percentages) in San Marino

White: 27.2%

Black or African American: 0.3%

American Indian/Native American: 0.1%

Asian: 65.5%

Two or More Races: 3.5%

Hispanic or Latino: 7.0%

Income Statistics in San Marino

Average Household Income: $230,181

Median Household Income: $164,423

People below Poverty Level: 925

Blue Collar Positions: 409

White Collar Positions: 5,313

Education Level in San Marino

No High School: 155

Some High School: 801

Some College: 1,247

Associate Degree: 304

Bachelor’s Degree: 3,909

Graduate Degree: 3,555



Points of Interest

Huntington Library Art Museum and Botanical Gardens

Located at 1151 Oxford Rd, San Marino, CA 91108, in the Huntington Library, there are a number of rare books, documents, and photos. Spanning 120 acres, the Botanical Gardens has over 12 themed gardens.

El Molino Viejo

Located at 1120 Old Mill Rd, San Marino, CA 91108, also called The Old Mill, it is a former grist mill built in 1816 by Father José María de Zalvidea from the Mission San Gabriel Arcángel.

The Edwin Hubble House

Located at 1340 Woodstock Rd, San Marino, CA 91108. Built in 1925, this historic house in San was the home of one of the greatest astronomers of the 20th century Edwin Hubble for most of his professional life. 

Centennial Clock

Located at 2264 Huntington Dr, San Marino, CA 91108, this 19-foot high clock has a time capsule with items donated by residents and community organizations that will be opened on July 4, 2039.

Notable People

San Marino, while perhaps less than some surrounding communities, has still given the world a noteworthy handful of professionals across several different disciplines.

  • Howard Kazanjian (film producer)
  • Stephen Pastis (cartoonist)
  • George S. Patton, Jr. (military general)
  • Henry Bumstead (film production-designer)

Fun Facts

  • San Marino is well known for its extensive and priceless collection of art treasures in the famous Huntington Library and Art Gallery.
  • San Marino is one of the wealthiest places in the United States in terms of household income.
  • The Tongva Indians originally occupied San Marino.
  • There have been a number of movies and TV shows filmed in San Marino
    • Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
    • The West Wing (1999-2006)
    • Scandal (2012-2018)
    • Iron Man 2 (2010)
    • Dr. Quinn Medicine (1993–1998)


Why is San Marino CA so rich?

San Marino’s transformation can be traced back to 1903 when California railroad tycoon Henry E. Huntington bought a sizable estate there. San Marino was established on this territory. From the beginning, it drew the richest families from the affluent upper class of nearby Pasadena.

What is San Marino, CA, known for?

The extensive and priceless collection of artistic treasures housed in the renowned Huntington Library and Art Gallery has made the City of San Marino famous around the globe today.

Is San Marino a good place to live?

San Marino, a Los Angeles suburb, has 12,620 residents. One of the best places to live in California is San Marino, which is located in Los Angeles County. Residents of San Marino enjoy a rural lifestyle, and the majority own their homes. There are numerous eateries, coffee shops, and parks in San Marino.

What is the average household income in San Marino, California?

The average household income in San Marino is about $175,000.

Do a lot of celebrities live in San Marino, CA?

San Marino is extremely wealthy, but few Hollywood celebrities live there, and it lacks the attractions that most A-listers find overly valuable.

Is San Marino worth visiting?

Yes, you should definitely visit San Marino. It has beautiful scenery, a fantastic atmosphere, fantastic food, and charming areas.