Bassett, California

About Bassett, California


Bassett is located in the west Puente Valley, and because of that, they are close to the City of Puente. They came from the same historical Rancho La Puente. The township of Bassett was established in 1921. 




Points of Interest


Notable People

Though the unincorporated city of Bassett may have many, who have been influential, the most notable of them is a famous baseball player. 

  • Clyde Beck – (1900-1988) was a right-handed infielder in Major League Baseball for the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds from 1926 to 1931.

Fun Facts

  • Bassett is an unincorporated community in the San Gabriel Valley.
  • O.T. Bassett bought the property in 1895, and Bassett Township was established.


What cities are near Bassett, CA?

The neighborhood of Bassett is located in La Puente, California. The biggest city near Bassett is Los Angeles.


Who is the most notable person from Bassett, CA?

The most notable individual from Bassett is Clyde Beck, an MLB player for the Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds.


What is Bassett’s zip code?

Bassett’s zip code is 91746.