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Brian Taylor

Episode 087

Communicating that 9 to 5 then going Creative

Brian Taylor is a Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning songwriter, aiming to use his background in business and entertainment to aid people in finding confidence in their own voices and stories.

Brian grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Before he came to California he worked the 9 to 5 job but not finding much purpose and passion for it. When he did go into a creative space, working with musicians, Brian realized that this was more his style for life.

Chasing that energy he moved to Los Angeles, California after a trip with several friends took him there. Shortly after, Brian moved to the San Gabriel Valley area, finding that living in a city like LA was different from the city life in Atlanta.

He worked with Brandon Rogers for the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth (now known as Warmuth Law) for several years. Brian’s latest venture is creating card games that encourage communication and relationship in a fun and enjoyable way. His first game, Like U Cards was created with two of his friends, an author and a poet.

Together they envision more games and better communication between people.


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Brian Taylor Quotes

  • “I was in the smack dab of LA for maybe 6 months, and I was like, eh, I need a different vibe. I’m still a country boy at heart. I came out to Pasadena and said, okay, this seems like a different speed.”
  • “I became almost an ambassador [of San Gabriel Valley]. I’m like, hey, you need to come hang out with me, actually. Look at all of these things, let’s go eat, the food is amazing, the people are great, it’s a real city.”
  • “I decided to do a marketing internship at a record label. That was a completely different experience, working with creatives, than a typical day-to-day of who I knew and how we operated.”
  • “I told my friends, I think I’m going to move to LA. And they were asking me how I was going to do that, I didn’t have any money. I said exactly, I have nothing to lose and nothing holding me back.”
  • Brian created LikeUCards, a card-playing game
  • Brian Taylor has a background in sales, and marketing and has worked at Warmuth Law with previous guest Brandon
  • Brian is originally from Atlanta, GA, and moved to LA for work passions
  • Community and creativity are two important and valuable things to Brian and his success

What is Brian’s connection to the San Gabriel Valley?

He moved to Pasadena shortly after working at Warmuth Law, where Scott and Russell work at. He fell in love with what San Gabriel Valley had to offer at this time.

Back then, he was going to Green Zone, checking out fun businesses, and he enjoyed learning the culture. It felt different than LA, even though it is so close to LA.

Brian Taylor LikeUCards

Where is Brian from?

He moved to the West Coast from Atlanta, GA. His parents are from New Jersey and Ohio, originally.

He originally moved to the heart of Los Angeles, but he didn’t like it. It was too much for him. So, he moved to Pasadena and found the pace of life much more enjoyable there.

What was life like in Atlanta?

Life was very simple for Brian, very different from what you see on TV, it felt like. It’s very religious; it’s conservative; it’s slower-paced since it is in the South. Plus, they had a great sports team – the 90s Atlanta Braves.

What made Brian want to move to LA?

Brian was doing a marketing internship at a record label during his senior year of college at Georgia State University. This was a completely different experience, working with creatives, compared to his typical day-to-day.

There was a freedom that he never knew before. It almost felt aloof, like showing up at 10 am or working until 4 am.

This triggered something inside Brian that made him realize there are parts in life or yourself that you have never explored before. This made him consider what life after college was going to be like.

What did Brian do when he moved?

He started doing contract work and helping people out. He did some sales and some marketing. However, he discovered a craigslist article, and that was how he ended up at Warmuth Law.

How much does communication mean?

Communication means the world to Brian. He understands the evolution of technology; however, these new “tools” like email and texting have removed a lot of traditional communication.

In addition, text messages and such remove the tone out of a conversation, which can lead to confusion.

Where did Brian develop emotional intelligence?

Brian credits it to being a sponge and having parents who weren’t from the South while living in the South.

They each had a different way of communicating. They didn’t want him to develop an accent, so he had to compartmentalize the difference between family, the community, and, eventually, his internship lifestyle.

What is the process of getting a tangible game out there?

It always starts with a vision. Brian feels like he always had great examples of how to take an idea from concept to production, based on being a sponge.

Once you have a visual, you need to consider how to get it made. You have to find people who can get your product made, which for games, are printers and manufacturers.

It all comes down to how you want the presentation to be. Something simple or something fancy that really pops?

It all comes down to what manufacturers and products you work with. It’s both the hard part and the easy part.

Is there a most memorable moment for Brian in this journey?

The beginning, definitely. Putting together the colors and the questions really stands out in his mind. Likely, because it is the most creative and freeing time, as Scott points out.

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