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Episode 127

Midlife Crisis or Midlife Hypnosis?

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About Ted Moreno

Ted A. Moreno is an award-winning hypnotherapist and success performance coach, published author, educator and sought-after speaker who works with his clients to achieve freedom from fear, anxiety, self limiting beliefs and bad habits. 

He also works with professional men and women for goal achievement, financial abundance and career success. With more than fifteen years of mastery in the art of motivating people to take action, Ted brings a lifetime of expertise in the fields of personal development and human potential. 

He is an Honors Graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the nation’s first accredited college of hypnotherapy, where he is currently a senior instructor. He combines his life experiences, compassion and humor with his expertise in hypnotherapy and imagery techniques to help clients move past limitations and create transformational change in their lives.

Ted is the author of “The Ultimate Guide to Letting Go of Negativity and Fear and Loving Life” and the co-author of “101 Tips for Creating Prosperity and Abundance for Professional Women.” Both are available on Amazon.com. He also hosts his popular podcast “Ted in Your Head” available on iTunes and at www.TedinYourHead.com.

Website: tedmoreno.com
Podcast: Ted in Your Head

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“I don’t think that time will ever come again where you could jump on your bike, you could go riding, you could leave at nine in the morning, be back at five. Your parents had no clue where you were as long as you came back in time for dinner.”

“I hypnotized my best buddy over the phone, and I guess he fell asleep. And I called back, and his mom answered the phone. I said, is Bob there? She said he was asleep on the floor. I said, can you wake him up? She couldn’t wake him up. And I said, look, put the phone next to his ear. I think he’s really deeply hypnotized.”

“[Moving to Arizona] was my opportunity to kind of get away from my parents in a crowded house and achieve some independence. But I was very lost. I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. I really didn’t know myself.”

“There aren’t really objections because typically, when somebody comes to me, they’re ready to make a change. Now I have to dispel misconceptions and help them understand what hypnosis is and what it isn’t because I think people bring a certain amount of fear and misconceptions to the process, so I help them understand what it is.”

“So when you’re in hypnosis, you’re awake, you’re aware, you’re fully in control, but you are suggestible. And that really is the operative word. Hypnosis is a state of suggestibility, which means that your mind is more open to suggestion than it normally would be. So we can use the power of suggestion.”

  • Ted Moreno grew up in East LA just outside of the San Gabriel Valley but currently lives in San Dimas
  • Ted is an award-winning hypnotherapist
  • Ted used his hypnosis skills early on, but shelved them for decades when he realized they could potentially cause harm
  • Ted graduated from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute
  • Ted Moreno works with professional men and women for goal achievement, financial abundance, and career success.

What is Ted Moreno’s connection to the San Gabriel Valley?

Ted grew up in the SGV. His childhood home was in East Los Angeles, which is essentially right next to the San Gabriel Valley. However, Ted went to school in Montebello and currently lives in San Dimas.


What was it like growing up in East LA?

As a kid, Ted didn’t know anything different. But, he admits that it was certainly dangerous at times. There was a lot of gang activity back then. He specifically remembers friends getting jumped by members of rival schools. Thankfully, for the most part, it was a pretty easy-going, mellow life. Ted had very protective parents who did not let him roam around East LA. Ted strongly believes that we’ll never have a time when kids can just get on their bikes and go and roam around cities and be back for dinner. There is too much of a fear of kidnapping and gangs. 


Does Ted Moreno have any siblings?

Yes, Ted is the eldest of eight. He has six brothers and one sister. Being the oldest came with a lot of responsibility. He felt he was forced into a parental role at an early age. Ted can remember at age six, he was in charge of making sure the house was clean and all of his siblings were okay until his parents came home.


What was Ted Moreno’s schooling experience like?

Ted went to Cantwell, which was just boys at the time and Sacred Heart was girls-only across the street. Now, of course, it is a co-ed school. But Ted enjoyed his time there. He joined the cross-country team and ran track. He believes he met a great group of guys there, who instilled solid values in himself.

What were some of the major things that were formative during Ted Moreno’s early years that created who he is today?


Ted believes there are two things that were very formative for him.

First, during his sophomore year, there was a large gathering happening in one of his classes. When he went to go inspect it, he noticed everyone was surrounding a very normal, non-popular kid. He was hypnotizing someone. Ted was instantly intrigued and asked him where he learned to do that, and he said he checked a book out at their library.

He describes learning some techniques and hypnotizing his friends and telling them every time he says “camera,” they would say “click,” and he was shocked to discover it worked. On a separate occasion, he was on the phone with one of his best friends and actually put him into a deep hypnosis. He called back and asked the friend’s mother to put the phone by his ear so he could awaken him. This experience freaked Ted out and caused him to stop doing hypnosis. It wasn’t until he was around 43 that he started picking it back up again.


What happened after high school?

Ted went to a high school that eventually shut down. Then, he had a love affair with Arizona, so he moved there and went to the University of Arizona for a while. He viewed this as an opportunity to get away from his parents for a while. But, he suffered from a lack of confidence and had no idea what he truly wanted to do with his life. He felt very lost. When he turned 30, he was engaged to a wonderful woman, but then they broke up, which was devastating to Ted. This breakup made Ted look inward and decide he was going to start taking better care of himself.


When did Ted Moreno move back to California?

Around the time he turned 40, he moved back to Los Angeles. He got a job at Cal State Los Angeles as an assistant. He still wasn’t sure what he was going to do with his life, but as luck would have it, he entered a seminar called How to Be a Better Communicator. He thought the speaker was the best presenter he’d ever witnessed. She had full control over her material. Then, she mentioned she was a hypnotherapist. During a break, Ted spoke with her. He wanted to know more about being a hypnotherapist. She told him that she was an instructor at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana. The next day, Ted Moreno enrolled.


How was that experience?

Ted Moreno believes it completely changed his life. He didn’t have a plan B, so he fully committed to this. Thankfully, Ted’s wife had a good job, which allowed him to go to the Hypnosis Motivation Institute full-time and keep his focus on his studies.


What was the biggest objection Ted Moreno received when introducing someone to hypnotherapy?

Typically, Ted doesn’t receive many objections because, more often than not, the folks are ready to make a change in their life. Most of the time, Ted is dispelling misconceptions rather than handling objections.


What kind of questions is Ted Moreno used to being asked?

People will ask Ted if he is going to make them quack like a duck or bark like a dog. Things of that nature. The truth of the matter is that hypnosis is a natural state that we all go into every single day of our lives. For example, how often do you accidentally miss your exit while on the highway? Or when you show up to work without really remembering driving there?

When you are under hypnosis, you are awake, you’re aware, but you are suggestible. 


What is the difference between what Ted does compared to what someone may see on TV?

Ted acknowledges that what people see on TV is typically stage hypnosis. It’s real, but fundamentally, it is for entertainment. So the suggestibility is built in, plus people raise their hands and volunteer. They are choosing and hoping to become hypnotized.


Can someone refuse to be hypnotized?

Yes. Ted confirms that if someone does not want to willingly be hypnotized, they will not be.


What are some of the reasons that people choose to visit Ted?

Anxiety is a major reason someone may choose hypnotherapy. Other reasons could be fears or powerful phobias. Fear of driving is surprisingly a common one. Another one is to help quit smoking or drinking. 


What is one of Ted Moreno’s most bizarre stories?

One time, a woman brought her dog to Ted. She claimed that her dog needed to be hypnotized because the dog experienced a significant amount of anxiety. Initially, Ted was taken aback. But, he was able to get the dog to relax in a reclining chair, hypnotize the dog, and alleviate its anxiety.


Since Ted Moreno speaks with so many clients, does he have a hypnotherapist himself?

Ted does not currently have a hypnotherapist. However, during the pandemic, he did visit one for a while. 


How does Ted Moreno grow his practice and reach a younger audience?

Ted Moreno has a coach that has helped him in many ways. He downloaded TikTok and immediately started making videos for that. In fact, he is planning on hiring his 16-year-old to help. He’s learning ways to make more compelling content for TikTok and Instagram. 


How many clients does Ted Moreno typically see in a week?

In a week, Ted expects to see anywhere between 20 and 25 clients. The number of sessions per client varies. Sometimes, a client may only need three sessions, while others may require six or twelve.





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