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Ryan Fletes

Episode 150

Chilli doesn't Fall Far from the Plant

Ryan Fletes is a 25-year-old entrepreneur based in San Gabriel, CA. In 2020, he launched his spicy seasoning company driven by his love for hot sauce. Before Ryan co-founded his new company, he worked in advertisement and sales at different companies in Southern California. Today, he applies the knowledge and experience he gained into Camp Scoville.

Ryan’s innovative product offers a healthier and more versatile twist on traditional hot sauce. Ryan’s vision extends beyond just flavor; he aims to expand his brand and support local businesses along the way.

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Ryan Fletes Takeaways

On Leveraging Life Experiences for Business Growth:
Ryan Fletes, co-founder of Camp Scoville, emphasizes the importance of drawing from various aspects of life to enhance his company. He applies knowledge from his jobs in advertising and sales to his business, aiming to make Camp Scoville an extension of his personality, as he believes people invest in the individuals behind the product.

His Unique Approach to Spicy Food:
Camp Scoville is presented as an alternative to traditional hot sauces, focusing on the flavor of the pepper itself and offering a healthy, sugar-free option. Their powdered seasoning is designed to enrich meals with both heat and taste, providing a versatile condiment for cooking or as an addition to prepared dishes.

His Deep Connection to the San Gabriel Valley (SGV):
Ryan has a strong bond with the SGV, where he has grown his business and built relationships with other local companies. He praises the underrated food scene in the area and is committed to contributing to its growth by integrating his business into the community.

His Chili Enthusiast Background:
Ryan shares his lifelong passion for spicy food, influenced by family traditions and a competitive spirit with his brother and business partner. They sought to create a product that captures the true flavor of hot peppers, which led to the foundation of Camp Scoville.

On Starting a Business Amidst Challenges:
Launching Camp Scoville during the pandemic came with hurdles such as navigating regulations and managing costs. Ryan’s educational background in business and previous work experience provided a foundation for overcoming these obstacles and maintaining confidence in the company’s direction.

“I’m always trying to learn from different aspects of my life and like, kind of funnel that back into my company because I do want like my company to be kind of like an extension of myself, my personality, because that’s what people are, are buying at the end of the day is the people behind the product.”

“I’d say it’s still underrated because I feel like a lot of people go out to LA for food when they could stop a little bit shorter and come here, you know, for all the great food.”

“It’s like a measurement for heat. So that was kind of like the first name and then we’re like how do we get like a little bit of a theme? With like our branding and so we kind of thought of this camp theme.”

“We just try to stack those small wins.”

“I’m not trying to sell you anything. I just want, you know, to give you a bottle to try. And if you do like that bottle, like if you do like our seasonings and think it’s an asset to your company, maybe you’ll leave it out as like an option for the customer.”

“He’s very confident person, kind of radiated that confidence. I always wanted to be him, looked up to him.” (Referring to his grandfather who influenced his love for spicy food and his approach to life and business)


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Ryan Fletes

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