Violet Jiang

Lead Designer

Designer, Creative & Art Director, Founder of Honestrail Creative

Even with a rein, I can dance in the rain.

Since being chosen to participate in a web design competition by her middle school computing teacher in the era of Frontpage, Violet never strayed away from design. 2023 marked the 10th of the year she immigrated to the United States, when she first came to Washington D.C. pursuing her master’s degree. Ever since she has resided in the D.C. metro area.

Originally from China and having studied Chinese literature as her major, Violet is a language professional, an excellent Chinese writer, and a linguist. Finally, she came to a realization that she wanted to be a design professional after graduation. And she tried every means gaining practical experience by volunteering and internship. These efforts finally landed her an interim job as a graphic designer at the DC Department of Public Works, and this job extended to a full-time, five days a week. Her supervisor once told her, she had to convince almost everyone questioning the presence of Violet, and why she was keeping her. Within those 3 years, she became the most-wanted presentation designer and graphic designer designing all marketing materials for the agency, spanning print publications, social media, and video production. She ultimately worked almost 3 years after resignation just after a promotion to the senior design role.

Violet left the job to welcome more design challenges through freelancing. Years later, in 2023, she registered Honstrail Creative, her little creative firm, giving comprehensive coherent design, marketing, and communication solutions. This role enables her to mingle her two most beloved interests, language and design, art and literature. She can lead and run projects from start to finish, and incarnate her vision. By the way, make friends.

To designer Violet and Honestrail Creative, clients’ wishes are always highly respected. To her, nothing comes first before being a designer.

A fun fact about Violet, she’s a huge fan of skydiving and pets. She has a sweet family of one husband, two guinea pigs, and a dog.