Scott Warmuth

Podcast Host

Founder and President - Warmuth Law

“yes i said yes i will Yes”

~ Ulysses, James Joyce

Scott Warmuth’s journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and the pursuit of excellence. He embarked on his path of service in January 1984 when he founded the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth, now WarmuthLaw. His motivation was to address the legal needs of the Chinese community, leading to the opening of initial offices in Monterey Park and Downtown Los Angeles, with a primary focus on immigration law. The early years were filled with challenges, with financial constraints often requiring credit cards for rent and salaries, yet Scott’s unwavering commitment saw him through. In 1986, a pivotal intellectual property litigation case marked a turning point, offering financial stability and paving the way for a journey that has since grown, diversified, and continues to reflect an unwavering pursuit of quality and commitment.

Scott’s early life encompasses three bold acts, each defined by discipline and a dynamic perspective on success. Living overseas in Korea, moving to New York, and going to Law School. From his ambition to be the best, as reflected in his legal journey and desire to excel in law school, to building a successful law office where the best attorneys could serve clients, Scott’s journey illustrates an ever-evolving definition of achievement. The most precious moments of his life, however, revolve around his children, as he transitioned into a slower-paced family life, cherishing fatherhood as the most significant role he has ever played. As he enters the next phase, Scott strives to share his wealth of knowledge and experiences with the world, emphasizing the importance of mentorship and meaningful impact beyond conventional legal roles. Scott’s life story is an inspiration to those seeking wisdom and purpose on their unique journeys.