Russell Mano

Podcast Host

Executive Coach

True growth and achievement require a deeper, more personalized approach.

When people ask me what I do, my reply is always, “I’m an coach and podcast host.” I intentionally leave it at that and simply observe their reactions and/or assumptions. The most common reply to this is, “Oh, you’re a coach a sport team.” Very few people ask me what type of coach I am. In my opinion, the label “coach” implies a relationship where the client seeks guidance and transformation in their professional and/or professional life, and that I am here to facilitate their journey rather than dictate their outcomes. If it were as simple as following a prescribed formula, success would be readily attainable for all. However, I understand that true growth and achievement require a deeper, more personalized approach.

As an executive coach, I am uniquely positioned to unlock the potential that lies within my clients. The bond that is established from dedicated engagement and interaction is unlike any other. From that bond, I gain insight into what is truly holding them back in their careers and personal lives. I reach my clients on the very level they need to be reached without causing frustration or resistance. That is what I do. Coaching is simply the medium through which I facilitate this transformation.