I heard, I saw, I read, I thought

Are you interested in participating in a fun and engaging social experiment? We’ve created a simple online form where you can submit your experiences and perceptions based on what you saw, thought, heard, and read in the San Gabriel Valley. 

It’s quick and easy, and your input will help us gain valuable insights into how people perceive the San Gabriel Valley. Take a quick minute to share your thoughts and be a part of our exciting experiment! 


Great examples

I saw

"I saw the beautiful scenery and stunning architecture at the Huntington Library in San Marino."

I heard

"I heard about the delicious Chinese cuisine in the San Gabriel Valley and decided to try some at Din Tai Fung in Arcadia."

I read

"I read about the rich history of the San Gabriel Mission and its role in California's early days."

I thought

"I thought about the vibrant Asian American community in the San Gabriel Valley and how it has shaped the area's culture and identity."