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Rick Izquieta

Episode 159

Get Back at it with Comedy

Comedian Rick Izquieta debuted his stand-up comedy in 2013 on the Starz TV Network’s comedy show “STAANN’ DUP!!” and has quickly become a prominent figure in the comedy scene. His witty observations and humorous takes on family, friends, and everyday life have made him a favorite at comedy clubs and casinos across the country.

Rick’s comedy album “IZ WHAT?” released in 2020 on Spotify, showcases his unique comedic style and has been well-received by audiences. He also made waves with his appearance in the 2022 comedy documentary “DREAMLAND – A STORMING AREA 51 STORY,” which you can catch on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

Not just a stand-up comedian, Rick hosts a weekly radio show, “Iz Radio Time,” and has been a voice-over artist for Black Belt TV. He’s even a regular guest on Playboy Radio en Espanol on Sirius Radio. Currently, Rick is working on a new comedy documentary titled “Making a Comedian,” exploring the journey and evolution of his comedy career.

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Rick Izquieta Quotes

“I think a lot of things were going wrong for me and I was in real estate and in the lending business. The real estate market crashes in 2009, and it wasn’t happy, and then all of a sudden once it all crashed I said this isn’t what I wanted. I said, I know what I wanted. I always wanted to go for that, and so go for it.”

“The repetition of doing that. My buddy Josh Adam Meyers said one time, he’s a comedian, he says, when you start out, you bomb this many times and you have a good show maybe this many times. And he goes, as you keep going, the repetition of the years, you start to level out, you’re bombing, you’re not bombing, and then all of a sudden you’re just killing, but this never goes away.”

“I think it’s repetition. You just keep doing it. I think 15 years of doing it weekly, sometimes daily. You know, at the beginning it was very daily.”

“Live comedy is different from anything you see on any item, any camera, any TV, any phone. Live is different.”

These takeaways, places, and quotes encapsulate Rick Ischieta’s journey, his connection to the San Gabriel Valley, and his insights into the world of comedy.

Resilience in Pursuing Comedy

Rick Izquieta emphasized the importance of resilience and persistence in his journey to becoming a stand-up comedian. After an initial failure in his 20s, he took a long break but never let go of his dream. He eventually returned to comedy, driven by a deep-seated passion and a desire to succeed

Impact of Personal Experiences

Rick’s comedy is deeply rooted in his personal experiences and the truth of his life. He finds humor in the events he has lived through, which makes his performances genuine and relatable. This authenticity is a key element of his comedic style.

Support and Mentorship

The role of mentorship and support from fellow comedians and family was crucial in Rick’s journey. He mentioned the encouragement from his friend Isabel and the mentorship from Willie Barsena, who taught him the ropes and emphasized the importance of striving for more.

Challenges of the Comedy Industry

Rick highlighted the various challenges within the comedy industry, such as the pecking order, the prevalence of bringer shows, and the need to navigate the business side of comedy. Despite these hurdles, he remained focused and disciplined, continuously working on his craft.

Family and Personal Life

Rick’s family plays an important role in his life and comedy. He shared touching stories about his mother and his children, illustrating how his personal life influences his work. His connection to his family and community, especially in Temple City, is a significant aspect of his identity.

Live Comedy vs. Social Media

Rick discussed the unique aspects of live comedy compared to social media comedy. The unpredictability and genuine connection with the audience in live performances are irreplaceable, making live comedy a distinct and valuable experience.


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Picture of Rick Izquieta

Rick Izquieta

Arroyo Seco Golf Course

Rick fondly recalls playing golf at Arroyo Seco with his high school friends. This place holds sentimental value as it was where he learned to play golf and spent quality time with lifelong friends.

Pasadena Icehouse Comedy Club

The Icehouse Comedy Club in Pasadena is significant for Rick as it provided him with numerous opportunities to perform and grow as a comedian. Despite changes in ownership, Rick has a strong connection to this venue and considers it his home club.

Live Oak Park in Temple City

Live Oak Park is a special place for Rick and his family. They spend a lot of time there participating in various sports and community activities. The park represents the close-knit and supportive community of Temple City, which Rick deeply appreciates.