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Rebekka Lien

Episode 160

Travel 30 Countries to Hollywood

Rebekka Lien is an actress, stand up comedian and creative who can bust out in song and dance, playing cello and piano at the same time. She can paint you a beautiful abstract art, graffiti, sew up some fashion designs. She has a podcast called The Bex Show where she talks about her dating woes and waiting until marriage to have sex. Her YouTube show (The Bex Show) is a plethora of prophesies and dancing in a parking lot.

Rebekka was born in Hamburg, Germany. Her family moved to Taiwan when she was five years old and to America when she was eight after her parents divorced. Growing up in America Rebekka’s family could hardly pay rent and she grew up giving her earnings to her mother to help.

Rebekka always wanted to be an actress but when a drama teacher in middle school yelled at her that dream died immediately. In 2014 when Rebekka was severely depressed from a breakup she received a community class flyer in the mail. It was a class for improv comedy and she wanted to really laugh again. She took the class and felt such happiness from making fun of life, laughing with others and feeling a sense of community.

From there Rebekka took a commercial acting class, got herself an agent and went to many auditions but not really getting anything. She went on a fashion competition show and participated in marriage show (Married by Mom & Dad).

Instagram: @rebekkalien

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