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Elizabeth Yang

Episode 161

From Engineer & Lawyer to Leader

Elizabeth Yang is the dynamic CEO and Founder of Yang Law Offices. Since 2007, Elizabeth has been a powerhouse in the legal world, specializing in Intellectual Property Law, including Patent, Copyright, and Trademark Prosecution and Litigation, as well as Business Law and Estate Planning.

Elizabeth’s expertise has earned her numerous accolades: she has been named one of the “Top 100 Civil Lawyers” and one of the “Top 40 Lawyers Under 40” by the National Trial Lawyers Association. Thomson Reuters Super Lawyers recognized her as a “Rising Star,” ranking her in the top 2.5% of lawyers in California. Additionally, she received the Lawyers of Distinction award, placing her among the top 10% of lawyers in the United States.

In 2017, Elizabeth expanded her influence by becoming a best-selling author. Her notable works include “The Big Secret” with Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, “Stress-Free Divorce,” “The Authorities: Powerful Wisdom from Leaders in the Field,” “Women in the Modern Business World,” “Social Marriage,” and “Asian Women Who Bossup.”

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Elizabeth Yang Takeaways

Navigating High Conflict Divorces

Elizabeth Yang highlights the financial and emotional tolls that high-conflict divorces can take on families. She recommends that clients focus on mending relationships with their ex-spouses to spare themselves from costly legal battles. She explains that the money saved can be better used for their children’s future, such as college tuition. By sharing her own experiences, Elizabeth encourages clients to rise above petty conflicts and to prioritize effective co-parenting.

Elizabeth’s Personal Divorce Journey

Elizabeth’s personal divorce played a pivotal role in shaping her career in family law. Her divorce extended to four years, twice the length of her marriage, primarily due to unnecessary legal battles and conflicts. She realized the pitfalls of a self-filing approach and now uses her experience as a cautionary tale to help clients avoid similar mistakes. Her story underscores the importance of professional guidance and conflict resolution in ensuring smoother divorce proceedings.

Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution

Elizabeth emphasizes the role of emotional intelligence and conflict resolution skills in both personal and professional settings. She credits various transformation courses she has taken since 2014 for helping her develop these skills. These courses provided her with tools for effective communication, patience, and forgiveness, which she applies to her practice and personal life. Elizabeth believes that emotional intelligence is crucial in navigating the complexities and emotional challenges inherent in family law.

The Concept of Social Marriage

Elizabeth introduces the concept of “Social Marriage” as an alternative to traditional legal marriage. In a social marriage, couples agree on a civil contract that outlines the terms of their relationship, including property division and alimony, without being legally married. This allows couples to retain control over their relationship terms and avoid the complexities and blind terms of legal marriage contracts. Elizabeth and her husband are socially married, and she advocates this option to others as a way to maintain autonomy and clarity in their relationships.

Empowerment and Role Modeling for Women

Reflecting on her own career in the male-dominated field of engineering and later law, Elizabeth underscores the importance of female empowerment and representation. She actively participates in community and educational initiatives to inspire young women and provide them with role models. By sharing her journey and overcoming barriers, Elizabeth aims to show that women can succeed in traditionally male-dominated fields and should not shy away from pursuing ambitious careers.

“You can either fight with each other and spend all your money and pay for my kid’s college tuition, or you can be the bigger person and be the smarter person and get on good terms with your ex and save your money for your own kid’s college tuition.”

Elizabeth offers practical advice to her clients, emphasizing the financial and emotional benefits of amicable divorce settlements.

“I was married for a year and a half. My divorce took four years, more than double the length of my marriage.”

Highlighting the disproportionately long and arduous process of her own divorce.

“Lovely childhood despite lacking in material items, my mom gave us emotional support – that’s most important.”

Reflecting on the emotional support from her mother that was essential during her unstable childhood.

“When two people are angry with each other, you find something to fight about. You find little things to fight about.”

Elizabeth discusses how minor issues can become major points of conflict in emotionally charged situations like divorce.

“After I took that course, I learned emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and the importance of forgiveness for yourself.”

Elizabeth on the transformative impact of taking personal development courses.


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Elizabeth Yang


This boba shop inside the Courtyard Marriott in Monterey Park is a favorite of Elizabeth’s and her daughter. Elizabeth initially connected with the owner, David Pan, who invited her for a boba tasting. She was impressed by the quality of the boba, which incorporates healthy, fresh ingredients like dragon fruit. The shop represents not just a place for excellent drinks but also a story of entrepreneurship and community connection.

Sweet Heart Dessert House

Sweetheart Dessert is Elizabeth’s go-to spot for both savory and sweet dishes. Located in San Gabriel, the restaurant offers a diverse menu that includes noodle soups and rice dishes as well as a wide range of desserts like fresh mango and mochi. Elizabeth’s daughter particularly loves this place, and it has become a family favorite for dining out.

Ten Seconds Yunnan Rice Noodle

Specializing in customizable hot noodle soups, 10 Seconds Yunnan Noodle House offers a unique dining experience. Located at the intersection of Atlantic and Garvey, it provides an array of side dishes that diners can add to their soup. Elizabeth enjoys the colorful presentation and the comfort of hot soup, making it a frequent choice for dinners, regardless of the season.