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Dr. Matt Klingler

Episode 157

Strengthen Your Health, Literally

Dr. Matt Klingler is a dedicated physical therapist and owner of Village Fitness and Physical Therapy in San Marino and Glendora. Passionate about helping people redefine their age and reclaim their health, Dr. Matt focuses on movement, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. Together with his wife Nicole, he founded Village to empower others. Beyond his professional life, Dr. Matt is committed to leading leaders, raising a healthy family, and enjoying his love for cycling.

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Dr. Matt Klingler Quotes

“It’s really tough to cultivate community and to build deep relationships with people. And I think that that’s, to me, is one of the highest values of determining where you want to live.”

“I think of myself as an athlete. I think of myself as fat. I’ve never actually reconciled the two.”

“If they’re not intrinsically motivated, it’s gonna be pretty tough to help them.”

“Type 2 fun is not fun while you’re doing it, but fun to talk about after.”

“I think the solution to that is to actually go seek out things that are hard, that challenge us, that push us out of our comfort zone.”

“If you do those three things, control your carbs, eat healthy fats and avoid toxic ones, eat a lot of vegetables, you’re gonna be pretty darn healthy.”

Matt emphasizes the significance of community, especially in the context of people leaving Southern California post-COVID. He believes that building deep relationships and having a supportive community are crucial factors in determining where one should live.

Matt shares his lifelong journey with fitness, highlighting the internal conflict between seeing himself as both an athlete and someone who is overweight. This dual perception has driven him to maintain a high level of fitness, even as he ages.

Matt discusses the importance of intrinsic motivation for achieving fitness goals. He notes that people who are motivated from within, rather than being pushed by others, are more likely to succeed in their fitness journeys.

Matt’s business, Village Fitness, focuses on a holistic approach to health, combining physical therapy with fitness training. They emphasize strength training and cardio as key components for longevity and overall health.

The concept of “Type 2 Fun” is discussed, which involves activities that are challenging and not necessarily enjoyable in the moment but are rewarding to reflect on afterward. This type of fun is seen as essential for building resilience and grit.

Matt stresses the importance of a balanced diet, focusing on controlling carbohydrate intake, consuming healthy fats, and eating plenty of vegetables. He advises against counting calories and instead promotes mindful eating.

Matt shares his experience of hiking the John Muir Trail with friends, covering 211 miles in just a week. This strenuous activity highlights his commitment to physical challenges and the importance of camaraderie in achieving difficult goals.


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Dr. Matt Klingler

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