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Alberto Martinez – Part 1

Episode 059

Once a Web Designer, Always in the Web Evolution

Alberto Martinez has helped achieve maximum marketing, digital, web, and social media results by providing thought leadership and hands-on experience in web3, video and content production, web design/development, digital and traditional marketing, Local/SEO/SEM, and creative services.

What sets him apart from others is his hands-on, day-to-day experience in Entertainment, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Television/Radio integrations, Creative Direction, SEO/Web Development/Design, E-commerce, Graphic Design, Event Planning, and Project Management.

Last but not least, he is smart enough to know that he doesn’t know everything… But he does know someone!

Podcast: Pepe’s Lab (YouTube)

LinkedIn: Alberto Martinez Jr. (RapTalk)

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Alberto Martinez – Part 1 Quotes

  • “This little economy inside the classroom, I’m a 4th grader, and I’m thinking this is crazy, I like this, and it sparked something in me.”
  • “It’s home; it’s definitely home; it’s the nostalgia, it’s the memories… “
  • “I need to build something so that she can have something by the time she realizes I’m here and I’m always going to be here.”
  • Alberto was a first-generation immigrant.
  • His family came from Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • They lived in Arcadia, and Alberto went to Hugo Reed.
  • Alberto got into computers because his mother brought one home when he was young.
  • Alberto started helping his uncles put up flyers he designed on a computer.
  • Alberto worked in several industries, all on the computer.
  • Alberto believes that web 3 will be the future of the internet.
  •  Russell and Scott sit and talk to a web designer, marketer, and pillar in the community of El Monte, Alberto Martinez.

What is your connection to the San Gabriel Valley?

Alberto has been in the area virtually his entire life.

Alberto’s family came to the SGV from Oaxaca Mexico in 1978. They initially moved to Arcadia. In 1980 Alberto was born in America.

He went to school in Arcadia for a while. After Arcadia, they moved to El Serena and went to Bosco Tech for high school. And after that, he lived in temple city, then back to Arcadia.

What was your experience like growing up in the San Gabriel Valley?

Alberto enjoyed his time growing up here. He also started in a great school district at Hugo Reed.

Hugo Reed was a diverse school that exposed him to many different cultures. There is also the fact that his close and extended family also settled in the San Gabriel Valley, so he always had his family around.

Alberto has always strived to keep his connection to the San Gabriel Valley in his life and work.

Can you describe the x factor about the San Gabriel Valley?

Alberto says it’s home. He has so many memories of this place that it makes it home. He’s always wanted an office somewhere, and it felt right here.

It’s just this strange, perfect pocket that has everything.

What experience is fueling your drive today?

Alberto says the diaries to have his own business is what drove him. For him, a moment in 4th grade was that “ah ha” moment.

His teacher made a small economy inside that class, which sparked something in Alberto. As a 10-year-old, when computers came into Alberto’s life, that was another moment that just clicked that this was what he liked.

After that, Alberto started to help his uncles with flyers for basketball tournaments, which helped him start his passion for computers.

You are one of the first generations that had America online and internet?

Alberto started to meet people on chats, and then they would have parties and real friendships based on online chat rooms. He meets new people he otherwise would have had no way of meeting or knowing. Alberto started learning how to code and program on Visual Basic, and he got even more caught up in his work.

What did you bring in today?

Alberto, his driving force, is a picture of his daughter Gabriella. He had his daughter when he was very young, and because his father died shortly after he was born, he wanted to be there for her. However, due to unavoidable circumstances in Alberto’s life, he couldn’t see her for another 13 years.

Alberto threw himself into his work to build something for her, always knowing that Alberto would take care of her.

What happened after working at your uncle’s?

At 15, Alberto got even more into making things online, and he found A.O.L. Publisher. He had made his first website at 15 about the passing of EZE, the rapper. Watching the visit counter on the website climb was like a dopamine hit for him.

Alberto got invested in underground rap. At the end of high school, he used coding and computers to make a website for this rap scene. It became well-known in the community because no one was doing anything online. Alberto made several websites based on the rap scene.

Alberto and the few people that he was working with a video caused a commotion in the community and made it, so there was no turning back.

Alberto worked at a media temple, and that’s how he learned about web hosting. And he eventually branched out into television.

What is Web3?

Alberto goes deep into Web 3 and the future of what will and could happen with the internet and how blockchain will influence it.

Picture of Alberto Martinez – Part 1

Alberto Martinez – Part 1

Bosco Tech was a good school where Alberto learned a lot have him a lot of opportunities.

Oo Kook Korean BBQ in Korea Town.

The Stuffed Sandwich in San Gabriel.